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Business Mechanix was created by Damien Tree; an experienced Business Consultant who has worked with many, many companies across Kent and understood that there were two key issues.........


Many businesses were not taking the necessary time out from their day to day activities to think strategically about their business, their market and the way forward.


This lead to a lack of good decision making, missed opportunities, avoidable mistakes and not making the right improvements in the business to move forward effectively


If business owners were aware of changes that needed to be made, it was difficult for them to see the wood for the trees and know clearly how and when to effect those changes


They also needed to find affordable and helpful professionals to fix issues in different business areas that would enable them to make significant improvements to their business. 


.....That's why I started Business Mechanix, to help provide a quick and painless overview / diagnostic of the performance of any business (highlighting strengths as well as weaknesses) and provide useful and practical insights and affordable solutions and connections to make any necessary changes needed within a company.

My name is Damien Tree and I have a strong background in coaching small and medium sized businesses, working with my own private client roster and also working in conjunction with regional bodies such as the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, the Kent and Medway Growth Hub and the West Kent Business Programme.

In the past, I used to run my own small business training adults in foreign languages (I speak fluent French) before further developing my coaching skills within a full-time role in education. I have many coaching, teaching and business qualifications and a good grasp of virtually every business sector out there as I have walked alongside hundreds of diverse business owners over the last five years. (See client reviews on LinkedIn, this website -endorsements and Google reviews for more details).

​At Business Mechanix, we will usually start your business coaching journey with a business diagnostic report (MOT) that can take place over zoom or in person. This can be used as a stand alone support session but will also give you the option of turning these action points in to a year-long business coaching plan (with periodic business coaching appointments - monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) using innovative coaching plans where we will provide on-going business support, regular accountability, very practical advice and invaluable connections to take your business forward to the next stage in it's growth.

I like working with clients from all kinds of business sectors (this keeps life interesting) and this helps me to connect people in very useful and beneficial ways. I also like to be personable and friendly when consulting / coaching and keep these sessions simple, light and effective to the point where many advances and wins have been made whilst clients are actually enjoying the process - that is definitely a unique selling point in my industry - business consultancy / coaching doesn't need to be heavy, difficult, boring or stressful.


Personally, I love sport, music and trying out new and exciting challenges and opportunities when they arise such as when I became a contestant on the quiz show Tipping Point and was even able to win the Jackpot (I've got a good memory!) or took a month out to travel around California and Arizona.


We would love to chat to you further, so do contact us for a friendly, no-pressure chat to see if we are the right fit to help you move your business forward and on to it's next Chapter.

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