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Tudor Price

Chief Executive, 

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

A reliable, trustworthy and astute Business Coach, Damien has been delivering a high quality of service for the Chamber....... His integrity and commitment are of the highest order and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Caroline Lyons

Director at Innovation Software

We have been having monthly sessions with Damien for the last year. He has been very supportive and great at recommending ideas to help promote and improve our business. We have developed much tighter processes since working with him, and it has helped having someone outside of our business to answer to and be accountable to each month. He's a great guy and really easy to work with.

Ross Freeman

Senior Consultant, Dialogue Matters

'Our coach was approachable and built a rapport with us almost immediately which helped enormously with putting us at ease, allowing him to prompt us into thinking deeply about what areas needed work and on the other hand, what we were already doing well. We increased our staff head-count by 50% meaning that we can better meet increased client demand, this also contributed a further 10% increase in revenue
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Gloria Opara

Director of Training & Development, Cyber Engineers

In his role as a Business Coach, Damien has been excellent in supporting me in taking some key but challenging actions in my business. He presented me with tools that empowered me to make valuable decisions which significantly improved my business cashflow. Damien was always very professional and patient; while allowing me the space to process his suggestions and decide on the appropriate outcome for myself. A million thanks Damien!

Fleur Challis

Professional Photographer

I feel really lucky to have been introduced to Damien for business coaching and mentoring via the Growth Hub. He's extremely knowledgeable, proactive, insightful, and genuinely interested (a rare find!) Damien introduced me to an online group he is facilitating and is brilliant at bringing people together to collaborate and make connections. Having Damien's encouragement and support to develop my business interests is a godsend, and I would highly recommend him if you are considering business coaching or mentoring.

Peter Fenwick

Manager, Spatial Dimensions

We have been working with Damien as a business coach for 6 months and our results have been extremely positive so far. Damien brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. He also has a really pleasant way about him, asking the difficult questions, that need to be asked, in an empathetic way. It's all for good reason, as by probing into these challenging areas it allows us to come up with solutions and really make positive plans to improve our business. He draws input from all the team and everyone likes working with him, it's hard not to like him.

Simon Pickard

Managing Director at Collier-Pickard,

CRM consultancy

I first met Damien when I joined a mentoring group that was part of the Kent and Medway Growth Hub.
The meetings that he and his colleague ran were always informative, useful and friendly and I made some good contacts.
I’ve also found Damien to be a good leader on the “scale up” programme.
He is extremely well connected and provides a constant stream of useful tips and contacts.
I'm very happy to recommend him.

Nick Inge

Manager / Director of iTrust

 Damien has a wealth of experience and is willing to share his expertise for the benefit of others. He’s a friendly guy and is able to put people at ease very quickly. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

Louis & Holby Dunn

Owners & Electrical Directors

3nvision Ltd.

Damien has gone above and beyond. From the smallest of help like composing an email all the way up to his business MOT which gives you monthly updates on your targets and goals. This also reminds you of your progress. Damien has helped us with grants, our network, and everything else. We hope to continue working with him. Thank you Damien
Highly recommend Damien to anyone looking to improve their business structure and foundations. Damien has shown and proved to us how the Business MOT has helped to expose issues and create strengths. Great attitude! thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Damien.

Alex Jones

Manager, Potters Home Digital

Damien is a fantastic consultant who always strives to work for his clients, and find referral partners / potential business while providing his structured business coaching to grow and scale businesses.

James Snell

Manager, Snelsky Studios Ltd.

Working with Damien as a business advisor has been crucial to the growth of our business.

Damien holds you accountable to your business goals, but is always approachable and friendly. It’s a huge plus that you can enjoy the meetings, as well as make great use of them in creating action points and goals for the next meeting.

Without our monthly meetings, we wouldn’t have progressed as far as we have in the last year, so I would highly recommend getting in touch with Damien!

Since embarking on the programme with Damien, Snelsky Studios Ltd has
increased revenues by 300%.


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