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At Business Mechanix, we love to give very tangible advice & support to a wide variety of companies who represent many different business sectors.  


Our main focus is to help them to create strategic business plans with a strong focus on sales and productivity and we pride ourselves on being very practical, providing clarity and a true understanding of the performance of a company whilst giving realistic and affordable connections and solutions to any problems that might be faced.

​We offer various business services such as our innovative and very useful Business MOT Health Check, our Year long Business Action Plans combined with periodic business coaching and also deeper dive analyses in to areas such as sales & marketing, employee engagement and leadership development.


All of our consultancy and coaching is interactive, empathetic, practical, interesting and easy to grasp and implement and our clients often comment that they enjoy their consultancy sessions with us. 



Affordable, professional and expert business consultancy support in key business areas such as financial understanding, leadership & staffing, sales & marketing and processes / operations

This can be for either an agreed period of time or for a one-off consultancy session.


Ongoing, thorough and practical business coaching using expert methods and plans to help you create year-long business plans that will attain all of your goals. (including sales targets, scaling up and making key changes in all areas of business performance).


Our ground breaking business health diagnostic report which will give an honest, complete and insightful appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of your company as well as very useful advice and practical suggestions to optimise your performance moving forward.

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SOME OF OUR CLIENTS...... (click to visit their website)

Collier Pickard Ltd. is one of our valued clients at Business Mechanix, they provide CRM systems.
3nvison are one of our valued clients, they provide electrical installations services around Kent and London
Dialogue Matters are one of our valued clients, they facilitate dialogue between parties on many environmental issues.
Potters Home Digital are one of our valued clients who provide smart technology solutions to home and garden
Woodchurch Wines are one of our valued clients, they are a vineyard based near Ashford.
Optecto  offer Chief Technology Officer outsourcing to companies around the South East of England.
Black Bird Entertainment are one of our valued clients, they provide musical entertainment for venues and events around Kent.
Innovation Software created Credit Force, providing invoicing facilities to many different companies.
Snelsky provide videos for social media and websites.
Dean Evans Translations are a valued client, who offer patent translation services between German and English.
Bishopsgate are a copywriting company.
Bonnex Ltd. are a valued client who offer building and maintenance services in the South East of England.
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