Business MOT Health Checks

Optimising Business Performance


An Experienced Business Advisor will guide you and your business through our MOT Health Check process whilst providing helpful and practical insights on how to improve. 


Once we have carried out the Business MOT Health Check, we will provide you with a Business Mechanix report on your company with helpful and practical insights and recommendations.


If your business requires further specialist repairs in a certain area, we will provide you with affordable options through our expert business network, any further work is at your discretion.

Whatever your business size or type, we can help you to optimise your overall performance.


Many businesses are similar to vehicles with many essential moving parts and an environment that is constantly changing. Just like looking after a vehicle, it's useful to see a business expert who can give an independent and practical analysis to ensure optimum performance in your company.


So, whether you consider your business to be a Maserati or a Mini Metro, a sailing dinghy or a super yacht, we are able to provide a helpful and unbiased overview and diagnostic of the main areas of your business whilst also providing you with helpful insights and affordable solutions to any structural problems you may face.

Feel free to contact us for a no-pressure chat or to book a business MOT healthcheck at your convenience. 

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Offering you the best solutions for your business

By exploring every corner of your company with our experienced Business Advisors, we will help you to see where your business is performing well and where you might need some support.


We will run through our Business MOT diagnostic with you which takes about 3 hours (can be carried out in 2 sessions) and painlessly help you identify where you are doing well and where there are structural weaknesses in your company.


We will then provide you with a Business Health Check MOT report summarising our discussion in different areas.

This will also highlight strengths and weaknesses and give useful insight. 

Our introductory offer will only cost you £200. 


After the MOT diagnostic and report, it may be evident that you require further specialist niche support in a certain area.

We will provide you with the names and rates of reasonably priced experts who you can choose to contact for further support.


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