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Dragonfly Coaching

Dragonfly is about supporting and connecting the dreamers, entrepreneurs, game-changers and pioneers in the business arena by providing expert business coaching and mentoring services, we also aim to bring together dragonflies to work and play together in different settings.

Dragonfly supports individuals and businesses who are breaking new ground in various business sectors

Dragonfly coaching exists to provide expert business coaching and mentoring services to all those forging a new path in the wild (dreamers, entrepreneurs, game-changers and pioneers) and also to create safe, fun and supportive settings for all of the dragonflies out there. 

​We have supported many companies as a Business Consultancy and realised that there was a real need especially after the pandemic to support those who want to create a new normal moving forward and are walking a lonely pioneer pathway in order to do so. We are here to walk alongside the game-changers and pioneers to help them build that new normal with their businesses and blueprints and connect them to others so that they realise they are not alone on their journey.


 In the past, as well as coaching many businesses and individuals, Damien Tree, the owner of Business Mechanix has brought creative people together through the setting up of the Rochester Music Cafe supporting local artists which then developed into the creation of two faith-based musicals including a performance of ‘The Power of Love’ that involved a large cast and crew and the performance being viewed by over 300 people.


His own personal passion for media, creativity and a passion to break new ground also lead to him appearing on and winning the TV game show 'Tipping Point', you'll find it on You Tube under his name. Damien is passionate to support creatives, entrepreneurs and gamechangers who are looking to create a better world by helping them make practical and powerful steps forward in their journeys.

Please get in touch via the Business Mechanix contact form below to see how we can help you move your revolutionary business or dream / idea forward - just mention the Dragonfly Coaching initiative in your message.

Power to your elbow in creating a better future for others - Damien Tree

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